Using data, insight and a human touch to reinvent a senior living brand that needed a new spark

Somerby Senior Living, a leading retirement and long-term care community, needed to increase lead generation but found that to be difficult with a brand that offered little differentiation for prospective residents. After reviewing the market and the existing brand elements, Luckie set a plan in place to educate prospects and potential residents on the full breadth of Somerby's services and communities and to focus on what made it a special place to live.

Our first tasks were simple but company changing: Generate brand awareness of Somerby with both potential residents and influencers, build interest in the communities and stimulate qualified lead generation across all services.


Our first step was to understand the data behind Somerby’s resident segments and derive key insights on how to better target and engage each group. An in-depth look at this data showed us the importance of including other audiences in the consideration of assisted living – namely family and children of the future resident. In short, an emphasis needed to be put on creating a bridge between family members and caregivers.

Based on the data, our insights led us to these strategies and tactics:

  • Increase the trade area of our highly targeted search to 20 miles to more than double the number of prospects
  • Employ a multilayered media approach that delivers consistent messaging and builds reach and frequency against target audiences
  • Ensure media mix focuses on mediums used by the target audience to acquire information about the services offered by Somerby
  • Employ geo-targeting as available
  • Capture the online audience that is self-identifying by searching terms related to Somerby service offerings within a 20-mile radius
  • Build digital audiences through online search, retargeting and behavioral activity, serving them display banners and video units geo-targeted by ZIP Code
  • Use personal referrals and resident testimonials to help put potential residents at ease

A visit to any Somerby Senior Living property shows you these aren’t yesterday’s retirement communities – they are full of life. Just 5 minutes after talking to Somerby residents, Luckie’s creative and development team knew they had hit a goldmine in how to best tell the Somerby story: use the residents' and their families' own words. And we did just that. Luckie videotaped hours of interviews with residents and family members to create the centerpiece of the new Somerby website, reflecting the stories and emotions of their experiences moving to and living at Somerby. The video-centered site has dramatically improved engagement and repeat visits while the stories themselves give prospective residents a sense of the community found at Somerby before they move in.

By consolidating all of the community websites into one site that is video-based and full of resident and family stories, traffic to each community has increased due to ease of access, balancing out leads by community. Luckie’s ability to develop marketing and media solutions that pull users to the website and convert them to qualified leads turns those qualified leads into actual move-ins.

From the website redesign, Luckie and Somerby obtained these results:

  • 41% increase in monthly internet leads, and of those leads, 78% have been qualified leads
  • Leads have grown over 60% since Luckie began working with Somerby