Living Better Patient eCRM Program

Faced with increased competition for patients, the consumerization of the healthcare market, and servers full of unused patient data, Piedmont Healthcare needed an effective way to engage patients - before and after a visit to one of their centers.

Luckie developed a segmented monthly CRM program that tapped into Piedmont's existing content library and delivered personalized content based on the patient's interests.

Patient participation grew by 36%, open rates soared over 40%,  and engagement increased by 26%.

To help Piedmont Healthcare in Atlanta engage its diverse lists of patients, family and healthcare professionals, Luckie developed the Living Better CRM program that took full advantage of Piedmont’s content library along with its talented writers and health experts.

Designed to get valuable and helpful information into the hands of patients, the monthly Living Better CRM program is focused on curated and personalized content for its readers and was developed to learn over time the type of content subscribers are most interested in reading.

Segmented emails from left to right: General, Cancer, Women's, Men's (click to enlarge)

Segmented emails from left to right: General, Cancer, Women's, Men's (click to enlarge)

After a thorough review of Piedmont’s email database, Luckie determined that four versions – general, cancer, women's, and men's – of the Living Better program needed to accompany the general email group. These were chosen based on the demographic and behavioral attitudes that make up the Piedmont database. Using this segmented database and fluid coding, one email is developed each month but with personalized content dynamically inserted for each segment upon send.

To improve email deliverability and engagement, Luckie A/B tests subject lines and delivery times each month. A regimented subscriber auto-removal program developed by Luckie unsubscribes recipients after months of not opening or engaging with emails. Luckie also monitors the popularity of content delivered to help determine future email articles.

Now in its fourth year, the Living Better CRM program continues to be successful:

  • Open rates routinely average over 42% (twice the industry standard)
  • Subscriber list grew over 36% in the first 18 months of the program
  • Most recipients who click to read an article in the email also view another piece of content on the website, increasing engagement across channels