The only thing more effective than the treatment was the role data and insights played in the execution.

The direct-to-consumer marketing of MetroGel, a topical rosacea medication, and the launch of Oracea, an oral rosacea medication, is an example of the strategic role Luckie & Company often plays in multiagency environments, helping guide approach, execution and optimization.

Accountable to the group product director and three brand managers, Luckie was the Digital Agency of Record for Oracea and MetroGel, and integrated with a media group, professional sales agency and medical education firm. Luckie provided strategic cross-agency leadership in developing critical business drivers and key performance indicators, and delivered all predevelopment data insights to feed the marketing and creative planning processes. The first step in the Oracea brand launch was a Luckie-driven analytics exercise that defined target consumers (patients, sufferers and influencers) and professionals (field, specialty and role) to help prioritize initial investment strategies and longitudinal ROI. Our agency partners leveraged Luckie’s segmentation to launch a mass TV campaign, with Luckie tracking, measuring and analyzing performance.


Luckie quickly discovered the most responsive audience was younger than the target demographic, guiding a partner agency to tweak the commercial creative to optimize this high-dollar investment. Luckie also extended the creative campaign through cross-channel CRM that accelerated time-to-treat and drove regimen compliance with targeted triggered messages throughout the patient life cycle.


The program was enormously successful with both consumers and professionals. Media ROI was $2.14:1, and CRM drove a 25% product increase and an overall lift in both new and total scripts that established Oracea as a dominant branded treatment within 12 months.