Redeveloping a brand for a new generation

Solantic, the leader in retail urgent care centers throughout Florida, had two big challenges: its name and audience. While the brand meant something to baby boomers in the Sunshine State, Solantic wasn’t convinced the name would be an asset as the company expanded into new markets. Nor did the company think it was successful at attracting younger consumers. We agreed.


To help, we began with a ton of data – customer, transactional, industry, trend, lifestyle and more – to figure out who needed what and, more importantly, who wanted what. From the data came the insights: The biggest unmet opportunity was with healthy young men and women ages 25 to 34. People who are all about convenience and on-the-go. People who live digitally. Which meant that while we shouldn’t ignore traditional creative media, we should make digital the core of our program.


We created a mobile site that checks wait times, starts paperwork and reserves appointments; an SMS feature to remind about flu shots or seasonal meds; and Facebook and Twitter content to keep the conversation alive.


With the shift in focus came the new name and brand: CareSpot. This new brand refreshed and repositioned the company to better communicate the services and conveniences it offered. Our nontraditional approach to this nontraditional target garnered some pretty healthy results:

  • Successfully launched the new CareSpot brand in current and new markets (TN, MO, KS)
  • Increased website visits by 21% and increased Facebook fans by 80%
  • Grew overall patient visits by more than 20%
  • Increased overall share of millennial patients